OTOPYYK TOPCP31-31D Full Color HD High Vesolution LED Display

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is a leading high qualityLED Display manufacturer Energy-saving Solutionsupplier located in Hongkong and Shenzhen ( Anothercompany inland name ) in China , we have a monthlyproduction capacity of 20 , 000 square meters of ledscreens . Equipped with the advanced automaticassemble lines and sealant-drying lines , we havebeen delivering LED Display to all the places allover the world at made-in-china prices and andreliable quality

packing with wooden case and aluminum ally shipping with sea,air, railway
Our Products are widely used in outdoor advertisingmedia . cultural and entertainment activitiesstadiums , hotels , wedding stage rental LED displayand decorations , etc , with the systematic advantagesof full-color display screen , from design , productioninstallation to maintenance . use of omni-directionalintegrated solutions to effectively reduce costs foicustomers and provide customers with moreintimate service.EYELED LIGHTING LIMITED has been managed tobuild design , manufacturing process , materialsystem standards ; to establish a cross-departmentaloperation process and implementation system bycombining people , strategy , sales : different productperformance to meet the different needs of differentcustomers in different markets : The EYELED familytirelessly pursues to solve the customers problemsemphasize the speed , the efficiency , the intimatecreates the value for the customer for long term.Our strong , trained , skilled service team is responsibleto provide the whole process sale services . Beforesale , we provide detailed product technical plan Insale , we guide and train our customers displayscreen installation ; after sale We provide warrantyservice for fault carefully. Our location in Shenzhen guarantees you fastand cost effective logistics to your destination : Byair , by train , by sea are all available . EYELEDDisplay is ready to be your reliable LED partner tofurther business success.Application scenario Window, glass curtain wall, bar, auto show, entertainment, stadium, hotel, wedding rental, stage, museum, exhibition, sales centershopping mall, cinema, etc.FAQ Q1 . Can I order a sample LED display ? A : Yes , we welcome you to order samples for testingand quality inspection . Mixed samples are acceptable. Q2 . Is there a minimum order quantity limit for leddisplayA : Minimum order quantity , can be used for sampleinspection of 1 square mete. Q3 : How to deal with the failure ? A : First of all , our products are manufactured under astrict quality control system , with a defect rate of lesshan 0 . 2% . Secondly , during the warranty period , we wisend new lights for new orders in small quantities Fordefective batches , we will repair them and resendthem to you , or we can discuss solutions , including arecall based on the actual situation. Q4 : Do you provide product warranty ? A : Yes , we offer a three-year warranty. Q5 . How to order LED display ? A : First , let us know your requirements or applicationSecondly , we quote according to your request or ourproposal . Third , the customer confirms the sample anddeposits the formal order . Fourth , we arrangeproductionLONG SERVICE LIFE Full ventilation design , naturalheat dissipation , to overcome theshortcomings of the traditionalscreen , the large area of theclosed space can not dischargethe heat , the system is morestableEASY TO INSTALL Quick installation and maintenanceit can be installed by one person in10 seconds per square meter , 60times faster than traditionaloutdoor LED screen installationBecause it is a patented structureit takes only 3 minutes per squaremeter to maintainHIGH DEFINITION  Whether you're watching from adistance or up close . you can seethe content clearly on the screen.SAVE ENERGY The average power consumptionof our products is only 220 , whichis more economical than othercompaniesUltra-thin Energy-efficient Transparent LED Curtain Wall Display-TOPCP31-31D




Type of product



Pixel pitch


Horizontal 31.25 mm Vertical 31.25 mm

Pixel composition


346 (1R1G1B)




Unit cabinet size


500(W) X 1000(H)

Unit cabinet pixels



Unit cabinet resolution


16(W) X 32(H)

Unit cabinet weight



Cabinet weight



Unit cabinet thickness



Max consumption



Average consumption



Screen brightness



Gray lever



Color temperature



Brightness adjustment



View angle


Horizontal ≥110° vertical ≥60°

The best view distance



Frame rates



Control mode


 Synchronous mapping  

Drive mode


 Constant current static 

Power source voltage



Life span


100000 hours

Cooling mode


 structure-enhanced natural convection 

Strip width



Strip material


  aluminum 6061

Transparent rate



IP rate


Double-side IP67

Operating / Storage Temperature


-40~ + 65°C / -55 ~ + 100°C

Installation Frame material


2.0mm cold-rolled galvanized steel sheet 

Installation type


 quick installation Tool-free

Maintain speed



Maintain mode


 Front side or Back side

Product Application LED transparent screen is a new product developed on the basis of traditional LED display screen, which breaks the limitation of the application of traditional LED display screen on glass curtain wall. LED transparent screen is mainly used in 6 scenarios: 1. Stage and stage beauty: the LED transparent screen can be built according to diversified stage shapes. The LED screen itself is transparent and thin to produce a strong perspective effect and lengthen the depth of field of the whole picture. At the same time it does not hinder the stage design to leave the light the space to  hang and play, to render the stage certain atmosphere and dynamic, so that it can express the theme better. 2. Large shopping malls: LED transparent display is an effective combination of modern artistic beauty and shopping mall environment, which has a broad application prospect in shopping malls and glass partition. 3. Chain stores: personalized store image can attract consumers to stop and increase customer flow. The unique design technique makes the transparent LED display screen replace the traditional LED display screen on the outer wall of the store, and more colorful and vivid video ads make the store cool and attractive. 4. Science and technology museum: science and technology museum is an important scene for the dissemination of scientific knowledge. LED transparent display screen can be customized in special shapes. 5. Glass window: with the rapid expansion of the digital signage industry represented by retail, LED transparent screens have brought revolutionary changes to retailers and become increasingly popular in building facade, glass window decoration, interior decoration and other fields. 6.Architectural media: with the development of LED technology. The construction media technology has also made great progress, especially in the application of glass curtain wall architecture, which has become increasingly hot in recent years, with the emergence of LED light bar screen, transparent LED sky screen and other solutions.

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