RFID Technology in Library Management: Self-Issue, Availability Check, and Drop Box

2023-04-06 16:31:45 By : Mr. Jackey Zhou
and Library RFID System.

Library RFID System: Streamlining Book Issuance and Return Process
Working Principle - Major Project

Technology has revolutionized the way we interact with books, and the Library RFID System is a perfect example of this. The RFID technology allows libraries to automate the entire process of book issuance and return, making it quicker and more efficient for both staff and students. The system uses RFID tags that are embedded in each book and an RFID Reader Kit to keep track of the books.

Working Principle

The working principle of the system is straightforward. A student approaches the Readers Kit, which is placed near the shelves, and puts the RFID card in front of the RFID module. Once the card is detected, the student's information is automatically displayed on the LCD screen, and the student selects the issue button to issue the required books. The student then places the books in front of the detector, and the tags are recognized and registered into the student's database. The LCD shows that the books are issued, and the tag is deactivated.

If the student needs to reissue the books, they can select the re-issue button, and a request is sent to the Library manager. Upon permission, the book is issued. The Keypad ensures that each student can carry their RFID card without any confusion.

Checking for Availability

The system also allows students to check the availability of the books. The database is connected to the system, and if a book's availability is not confirmed, the student can add their name to the waiting list for the specific book. Once the book is available, they can issue it. The date of the book's return is already loaded into the database using a Real Time Clock.

Drop Box

The return process is just as simple. The student drops the book in the drop box, where the RFID tag in the book is reactivated and added back to the database, making it available to other students.

Led Display Screen Working Principle

The LED Display Screen for the Library RFID System displays the student's data and book status. It works by using an array of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to produce an image. The LEDs are arranged in a matrix of rows and columns, and the image is created by turning on and off specific LED lights to form the desired pattern.

In conclusion, the Library RFID System is an excellent technology for managing book issuance and return. It saves time, reduces human error, and is an efficient way to manage library resources. The LED Display Screen provides clear and concise information to students, making the process easy and straightforward. The system is undoubtedly a valuable asset to libraries worldwide.